Here are some testimonials from the people Richard has worked with over his career.

“I just wanted to say that the training was brilliant. As you know, housing can be a lot like putting out fires so over time, can get a bit demoralising at times and leave you demotivated and stuck. However, this course has been the best one I have attended in a long, long time in terms of new ideas/approaches and sort of relighting a passion again for the job so thank you. I have lots of ideas now I want to discuss with my management”


Training Delegate - An Introduction to Nudge Theory

Richard ran a plenary and breakout session on nudge theory at the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations Practitioners Conference. He was clear in explaining what nudge theory is and was excellent in applying this to a housing perspective.


Richard was extremely well received by our conference delegates and we were delighted he was able to join us


Paul Armstrong, Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations

“I engaged Richard as a Customer Service Specialist, but found his transferable skills so valuable that I deployed him to resolve numerous other challenges.


He has both strategic and operational insight and is a naturally inquisitive problem solver, reliable, creative and trustworthy. He delivers!"


Peter Hill, General Manager & Bridgemaster

“Richard was an exceptional colleague Board Member of a Housing Association. His capacity to challenge on the one hand and support on the other is exceptional. Therefore his position in the Board became rightly very influential.


Equally staff recognised his substantial knowledge and experience"


Bob Howley, Board Member

I first worked with Richard nearly a decade ago, when he was clearly a talented and committed housing professional, with a determination and drive to improve services for tenants. More recently I have worked with Richard on the Board at Unity, where he is a valuable Non-Executive Director, who brings expertise and insight not just from the housing world but also knowledge and awareness of new approaches and thinking from outside the sector.


Richard has been instrumental in re-shaping the Operations Committee at Unity, enabling it to cover a broader and more strategic agenda, and better tackle performance issues. He has initiated and led task groups to work in partnership with the Exec in order to tackle key areas. He has a very enabling and constructive leadership style, which is inclusive, supportive and helps nurture staff and get the best out of the rest of the team of NEDS, Exec and staff. He is very much valued by the rest of his colleagues on the Board, and without doubt would be a valuable addition to any Board in any sector" 


Shruti Bhargava, Chair of Unity Homes & Enterprise

“Richard undertook a demanding role reworking operational processes which morphed into a wider role of managing team and providing staff support/advice


I have been impressed with not only how he grasps the daunting issues presented but how he diligently and systematically addresses tasks"


Mark Berzins, Senior Management Consultant & Project Manager

“I would recommend Richard as a consultant who can provide technical and strategic expertise whilst understanding the business need for intervention rather than business interuption.


He undertook a rigorous assessment of our voids process in real depth, and was well received by stakeholders and staff alike.


The final report was polished and gave us the advantage we were looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him"


Maureen Adams, Director of Customer Services & Operations

“Richard really helped staff to understand the importance of dealing with complaints efficiently and effectively to stop them escalating and illustrated his training with examples that really hit home"


"I received great, clear support from Richard to help me improve upon our complaints process and account for best practice in the sector"


"I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for clear, in depth support delivered in a professional and good humoured way"


Gavin Clark, Performance Improvement Manager

We were really pleased with the work Richard did for us, he provided us with a valuable insight into the key priorities for Social Housing organisations which helped give us the edge. His communication with us was excellent throughout and he delivered his assignment in good time and to a high standard"


Richard Owen, Head of Bid Management

Richard Walker is a competent and dedicated senior manager who is resourceful, analytical and makes things happen. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


He has carried out a number of service reviews for our organisation. The reviews supported staff to think about the outcomes we wish to achieve and how best we can achieve them.


His analytical support to evidence the strengths and development areas within our services has been very valuable.


Claire Warren, Chief Executive
Richard has made a significant positive impact on WNWhomes in his role as Head of Tenancy Management and Customer Services. Richard is a capable, professional and resourceful manager with drive and a passion for improving the quality of service delivered by our organisation to our tenants


Cath Clelland, Chair of the Board​
Having worked alongside Richard, I came out of retirement to work under him, confident in the knowledge that he delivers positive outcomes for customers. Richard knows how to manage; how to take considered and decisive steps, and how to plant and nurture ideas. Above all else Richard is someone I trust and respect and I'm more than happy to recommend him


Phil Rees, Project Manager
Richard is an experienced housing professional who has implemented a range of change initiatives focussed on more efficient and effective service delivery


Paul Dolan, Board Member & Chief Executive
Richard is one of the hard working individuals I have had the pleasure to manage. He is both an astute operational manager who is able to set and deliver challenging targets and a strategic thinker who puts the customer at the heart of service delivery
Paul Webb, Director of Neighbourhood Management
Richard has the rare abilities of being creative in thought, but also very structured in process management. He can also hold onto the big picture whilst focussing on the detail. With his extensive housing background this makes him an ideal change manager, perfect for the current challenges facing the social housing sector eg. welfare reform, financial inclusion etc
John Evans, Chief Executive
I worked with Richard while he was Director of Housing at Metropolitan. I found Richard to be an excellent leader who was able to deliver an excellent housing service as well as delivering a challenging programme of projects on time, to budget and to a high standard
Dan Hollas, Director of Repairs
I worked for Richard at Metropolitan. My role was leading resident volunteers in scrutinising their services. I found Richard was very customer centric, with a wealth of social housing experience and knowledge which he was happy to share; he genuinely made residents feel at ease, listened to them and valued their views in improving services.
On a personal level I found Richard to be approachable, supportive to me whilst making some important career decisions, empowering and professional
Pat Goldfeather, Trainer & NLP Coach
I worked with Richard whilst he was Regional Director at Metropolitan, providing him with accountancy services. I found him to be analytical, but always mindful of the bigger picture. He has both an eye for detail and strong strategic leadership skills. He is very respectful and a great leader to motivate teams going through a tough time. I have no hesitation in recommending him
Nirav Shah, Finance Business Partner
Richard is full of energy and drive. A very creative thinker and passionate about achieving goals
Mina Soi-Westby, Responsive Repairs Manager

Nb: A number of these testimonials are taken from the Linked in profile of Richard Walker

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