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Business Consultancy, Service Review & Audit


Callidus Management Consulting offers clients an independent and critical friend orientated approach to place their services under the magnifying glass.



Many organisations are performing well and believe that they're on the right track, but often they benefit from an independent approach to either confirm this, or provide guidance as to how services could be optimised to meet objectives.


Other organisations know that something is wrong, and benefit from a more forensic review of their services, and the production of a SMART improvement plan.


We draw upon our experience from the sector, in particular guiding organisations through a number of successful inspections, audits and accreditations, which enables clients to utilise this experience to review and improve their services.


We will agree the scope of the review with you and gain an understanding of your required outcomes, then we'll put together a draft proposal, including timescales and resources required (i.e. who and what we will need to review) for your approval. We will be as flexible as you wish during the review period, spending time on site, interviewing key members of the team, service users and reviewing documentation. We can also spend time off site undertaking a desk-top review approach, or a mixture of both, its entirely your choice but we can provide you with professional guidance.


Whilst many consultants then provide you with a report which just tells you what their findings are, we go a number of steps further by providing you with a draft SMART solution to accompany our findings. This will include links to best practice, suggested actions, timescales and measurements. Basically you will receive a blueprint offering you the solutions you require, these will initially be in draft format, which we will finalise for you once we've gone through them with you and undertaken the final cross checks.


Business Services

Our Business Consultancy services centre around process and performance improvement. We have substantial experiemce of reviewing and improving existing processes, as well as developing brand new processes to ensure systems operate smoothly, cost effectively and delivery key objectives.


However, we are not limited to this, we also offer a wide range of other business consultancy services including:


  • Customer Services Management
  • Operations Management
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Customer Incentives / Loyalty / Nudge
  • Business Strategy
  • Perfrmance Turnaround
  • Contact Centre
  • Customer / Data Insight
  • Organisational / Divisional Restructure
  • Complaints Management
  • Process Review & Development

Quality Assurance

We also provide quality assurance services, whether it be a bid for a multi-million pound contract or a policy report for Board approval, we can offer a speedy turnaround service, with tracked changes and suggestions for imrprovement. You benefit from gaining a fresh pair of eyes and a second opinion, to ensure that you submit work of the highest quality. Below are some examples of the types of QA we can undertake, but please contact us if there is something else you think we might be able to help you with.
  • Bids
  • Strategies
  • Policies
  • Performance Improvement Frameworks
  • SMART action plans
  • Customer literature
  • Board/Committee reports

Customer Service Excellence

Having completed our Customer Service Excellence assessor course, we have expanded our range of business consultancy services. We can now undertake the following services:


  • Advisory consultancy
  • Pre-assessment
  • Mock assessment
  • Improvement Support
  • Critical Friend
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Assessment Support


ABOUT THE STANDARD (Taken from the CSE website)


The Government wants services for all that are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering – with the citizen always and everywhere at the heart of service provision. With this in mind Customer Service Excellence ® was developed to offer services a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within their organisation.


The foundation of this tool is the Customer Service Excellence ® standard which tests in great depth those areas that research has indicated are a priority for customers, with particular focus on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. There is also emphasis placed on developing customer insight, understanding the user’s experience and robust measurement of service satisfaction.


Customer Service Excellence ® STANDARD


The Customer Service Excellence ® standard aims to make a tangible difference to service users by encouraging provider organisations to focus on their individual needs and preferences.


In order for an organisation to be recognised as achieving Customer Service Excellence ® it must be successfully assessed against the criteria of the standard by one of the licensed certification bodies. The five criteria of Customer Service Excellence ® are outlined below. The detailed criteria, and their relevant elements, can be found in the Customer Service Excellence ® standard which is available to download from this website.


Customer Insight


Effectively identifying your customers, consulting them in a meaningful way and efficiently measuring the outcomes of your service are a vital part of this approach. It's not just about being able to collect information; it's about having the ability to use that information.


The Culture of the Organisation


It is challenging for an organisation to build and foster a truly customer focused culture. To cultivate and embed this there must be a commitment to it throughout an organisation, from the strategic leader to the front-line staff.


Information and Access


Customers value accurate and comprehensive information that is delivered or available through the most appropriate channel for them. Putting your customer first can be an important step towards providing effective communications.




How you achieve your business aims, the outcomes for your customers and how problems are managed can determine your organisation's success. Listening to your customers views about the service provided can be just as important as achieving key performance targets. Comments, feedback and complaints from customers can help you to make vital adjustments to the way your organisation runs which can support better delivery.


Timeliness and Quality of Service


The promptness of initial contact and keeping to agreed timescales is crucial to your customers satisfaction. However speed can be achieved at the expense of quality, therefore the issue of timeliness has to be combined with quality of service to ensure the best possible result for customers.


Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can help you through the assessment process.

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