News Archive 2015 & 2016

To all our clients & partners from Callidus Management Consulting.

New assignment alert - Customer Complaints Quality Review!


We're delighted to be working with another one of our partners (Campbell Tickell) in conducting a Quality Assurance Review of the complaints and feedback processes for a Housing Association based just outside London.


We'll be using our vast practitioner experience, as well as the consultancy experience we've gained from undertakeing similar reviews and our Customer Service Excellence training on this assignment. We're undertaking this assignment alongside the other housing and non-housing projects we're currently working on.


If you would like us to conduct some similar work for you, please contact us by emailing

or by phone/text/whatsap 078 333 62 663.


Please feel free to check out our website for more details of the services we offer.


November 2016

New assignment alert - Due Diligence Review!


We're delighted to be supporting one of our partners (The David Tolson Partnership) with a Due Diligence review for a potential merger of two housing associations.


Clearly the content of this assignment is confidential, so we can't say too much about the work we're doing and what we find, however, suffice to say it's great that we're back doing assignments within the Housing Sector alongside the continuing work we're doing with the Humber Bridge Board.


November 2016

We're on Instagram!


We've opened an instagram account to showcase some of the work we do, interesting stories about housing and other projects we're involved in.....and as we're a "social organisation", there's a bit of fun on there as well.


Follow us at @callidusmc to see more! 


October 2016

New Rent Arrears Toolkit


We have developed a unique "Rent Arrears Toolkit" which we can now use to provide health checks on arrears services and forensically diagnose areas of process, procedure and policy that could be impacting on the ability of organisations to maximise their rental revenue. This also picks up other important issues such as the welfare reforms, customer contact, best practice from the private sector and incentivisation techniques.


We'll be organising a formal launch soon, but it's safe to say that this toolkit, which also pulls the best practice from a variety of sources, will be very useful to any organisation wanting to either improve their arrears collection work, or simply undertake a health check to determine that they're delivering effectively and efficiently. In the meantime, check out our Rent Arrears & Welfare Reform case study.


If you're interested in our Rent Arrears Toolkit service offer, or any of our other services, drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


October 2016

New contract commences

"The Lift"


Last month we announced that we'd been given a new contract working with the Humber Bridge Board until March 2017 supporting the exciting "The Lift" project.


We're delighted to have now commenced the new contract and have had a busy first week meeting the key players and learning more about the different elements of the project.


Fundamentally, this is not just a "Lift", it's a whole experience. The project involves developing a visitors centre (artist's impression above courtesy of DLA), gift shop, cafe, restaurant and hotel.


The Visitors Centre will also include a special visit inside the anchorage, where 30,000 6mm wires are anchored to the foreshore. This is baslically what suspends the bridge and keeps it in place. We haven't seen this ourselves yet, but we understand it's pretty special.


As always, we'll put some more news about this project on this page as and when there's something new to say.


We're still available on a part time basis to undertake housing and other business transformation consultancy, so if you're interested in any of our consultancy and interim management services please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


October 2016

New toolkits coming soon!


We've had an extremely busy summer concentrating on existing assignments, however, as Autumn approaches, we've already started work on a couple of new toolkits to further enhance our service offer.


We're also planning on developing some more case studies to showcase the work we've been doing over the past year.


So please watch this space, follow us on Twitter, Linked In or like us on Facebook and you'll get notifications of when these new services are ready.


Thanks for your continued support.


If you're interested in any of our consultancy and interim management services please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


September 2016



On 19th September 2016 #HousingDay celebrates the positive impact of social housing on thousands of people across the UK.


If you have checked out the other pages of our website, you'll already be aware that prior to setting up Calidus Management Consulting, our Managing Director Richard Walker, spent over 20 years as a practitioner in social housing. If you haven't, then a good place to start would be our case studies.


During this time he led, set up and implemented many innovative projects, where without social housing, significant postive changes wouldn't have been made to hundreds, if not thousands of tenants' lives.


We're not just talking about delivering core housing management services here, it's not just about bricks and mortar - although a sound property with proactive tenancy management is a key foundation!


We're talking about the added value, linking housing to health, employment, crime reduction, education, social mobility, capacity building, vulnerability, the surrounding environment & community cohesion. When you think about it, housing has a key impact in everyones lives.


As a practitioner Richard has helped housing oragnisations establish award winning schemes to build community trust between different faith groups, deliver healthy eating and education prohects. He has also set up, and written best practice briefings on Sector Based Academies, with fantastic results as well as establishing a number of Neighbourhood Management pilots.


Over the coming week, we'll be tweeting about some of these acheivements, as well as promoting the work that we do as Calidus Management Consulting and are offering a 10% discount for anyone contacting us and subsequently booking our services up to and including the 19th September 2016 quoting the #HousingDay code.


So don't delay, check out what we have to offer. if you don't see something you want, just get in touch with us and we'll give you a view as to whether we can deliver it for you.


If you're interested in any of our consultancy and interim management services please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


September 2016

Callidus Reaches New Heights!!


Last month our Managing Director posted a selfie from the top of the Humber Bridge's Hessle Tower and hinted that he was gathering intelligence for our next assignment.


Today we're delighted to announce that we have won a brand new contract, helping the Humber Bridge Board develop their latest project. Hull has been awarded City of Culture for 2017 and as part of this, the Humber Bridge is opening up it's very own unique visitor attraction.


We'll post more detail soon, but check out the link to the video below for a taster of things to come.... we're very excited to be part of this!


Link to video


We're expecting to still be available on a part time basis to work on other assignments, and we have a number of trusted associates who we work with to continue delivering the great services and offer exceptional value for money. If you're interested in any of our consultancy and interim management services please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


September 2016

Top of the Tower!!


At the start of August we celebrated our one year anniversary on assignment with the Humber Bridge Board. It's been a fantastic year and we've been involved in some great new workstreams. 


Our Managing Director, Richard Walker, also finally made it to the top of the Hessle Tower on the North bank of the Humber. Here's a selfie he took whilst he was up there!


The tower is over 155m tall and 22m wide. The bridge itself is 2220m long and 1410m suspended between the towers. It was opened in 1981 and has been built with a design lifespan of 120 years.


Our current contract expires at the end of September although we're currently in discussion over helping the Humber Bridge Board prepare for Hull's City of Culture status in 2017 and some exciting developments and contributions.


We're expecting to still be available on a part time basis to work on other assignments, and we have a number of trusted associates who we work with to continue delivering the great services and offer exceptional value for money. If you're interested in any of our consultancy and interim management services please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


August 2016

Voids Doctor service launch in Wales


In July we were delighted to be invited to the Community Housing Cymru meeting of Property Directors to talk about our Voids Management Toolkit. We took the opportunity to officially launch the "Voids Doctor" service in Wales, as well as highlighting the other housing consultancy services that we have on offer.


For the event we developed a presentation, providing a little more detail about what the voids management is and following this held a question and answer session.


The toolikit received some interest and we're looking forwards to following this up with some prospective new clients.


If you're interested in our Voids Doctor service, or any of our other consultancy and interim management services please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 and we'll have a chat about how we might be able to help.


July 2016

We're attending the Chartered Institute of Housing Conference 2016


Richard Walker, our Managing Director and Lead Consultant will be attending the Chartered Institure of Housing Conference this year on Wednesday 29th June.


Whilst we've had a very successful year working on some assignments outside of the housing sector, housing remains our principle specialism and our passion. We're officialy launching our "Voids Doctor" service at the Conference and are inviting organisations who may benefit from a review of the healt of their empty homes and voids services to get in touch, maybe meet up for a coffee at the conference so we can chat about whether we can help. So please drop us an email at, or phone/whatsap us on 078 333 62 663 to arrange to meet up.


We don't just offer voids review services, we provide a full range of housing management solutions and wider business, performance and efficiency services, such as lean process reviews, quality assurance, mystery shopping, social value and much more......we're independent, so don't have the overheads to pass onto our clients, so our rates are very competitive and we offer a range of introductory and loyalty discounts!!


This year we're also attending the Women In Social Housing drinks reception in the evening of the 29th June, so if you're already booked up throughout the day, why not attend this fantastic event and let us know so we can have a chat. We're attending this in association with one of our partners, Stradia, who specialise in asset management and procurement, so if you're looking for winder help, then we can introduce you to our associates.


June 2016

Another contract extension!!


We are delighted to announce that we've had our second contract extension with the Humber Bridge Board. Since we commenced our assignment last July, we've undertaken a variety of specialist roles, including helping project manage the launch of the UK's first hybrid tolling system and deliver a number of processes to support this.


Since January we've been working closely with the Customer Services Team, helping develop the back office systems and customer services policy. Our work on this continues as we move towards developing brand new lean processes, self service, channel shift and legal enforcement processes.


We're working on the assignment pretty much full time until the end of July and then reviewing the situation until the end of September 2016. This means we're possibly available for part time consultancy and interim roles from the end of July onwards, so please get in touch now to secure our services over the summer.


Either email us on, or phone/Whatsap us on 078 333 62 663.


June 2016

Our first year review and new service offer


We've completed our first full financial year and taken the opportunity to review which have been our most successful assignments, what we've spent the most time working on and consider what we want to focus upon in the year ahead.


Whilst housing management is our passion, and embedded within our core skillset and experience, we've actually spent more time undertaking non-housing private sector assignments during 2015/16. It has become clear that our skillset is transferrable to other sectors and types of work, and this is something we intend to take forward during 2016/17, hopefully enabling us to also bring other sector experience back to the housing field throughout the year.


Unsurprisingly our most popular service has been our end to end void management reviews, with us undertaking a number of service reviews for different cients throughout the year. We intend to continue with this area of service provision and officially launch our "Voids Doctor" service very soon.


More of a surprise is that we've undertaken very few assignments on an associate basis, instead clients have contacted us direct and benefitted for our extremely competitive rates and range of discounts. We didn't expect this in our first year as we thought we'd need to become more established first.


We are aiming to complete our Customer Service Excellence Assessor (CSE) accreditation during the year, but continue to market the fact that following the training we've already completed, we're able to offer CSE preparation and advisory services.


Almost every assignment we've undertaken has required some form of business process review elelemnt, and we've received excellent feedback about the work we've done in this area. Therefore this will be a key feature in both our housing and non-housing work going forwards in 2016/17.


April 2016

New endorsements!


We're delighted to have recievd a flurry of new endorsements recently. These can be found on a testimonials page.


What's even better is that 2 of these are from work outside of our usual housing experience, demonstrating our ability to transcend our historic sector and move into business transformation within a completely new sector. We've also enjoyed these assignments immensely, and hope to continue to work accross different sectors in the future.


A third endorsement has been received for our Non-Exec Director work, again moving beyond our core housing consultancy work.


Another client has provided us with a second endorsement (which we've merged into one on our testimonial page) as they've been a repeat customer throughout the year.


April 2016

Humber Bridge Tolls Go Contactless


This week we've been working on the next next stage of the UKs first hybrid tolling system - enabling users of the Humber Bridge to pay by chip & pin card, contactless and apple pay. This is a signifcant stage in the project, for which the automated TAG system went live in November, as customers now have additional methods of paying if they choose to use a staffed booth at the toll plaza. This will hopefully reduce the amount of cash taken, and the number of customers who are unable to pay at the time and subsequently enter the violation system.


Our role in this has bee predominantly to work on the processes for the toll collectors to follow when receiving these payments, and how the financial reconcilation system will operate in the office. However, we've also been getting our "hands dirty" on the fornt line getting the WiFi networks up and running, as well as piloting the system in the Customer Services team.


The system goes live on the toll plaza during the first week in April.


March 2016

Humber Bridge toll violation processes developed & the start of legal activity


March has been an extremely busy month for us on the Humber Bridge, where our role has moved back to supporting the Customer Services & Administration team in getting the back office systems up and running.


The majority of March has been spent developing new processes to robustly enforce toll violations (ensure that customers who have not paid their toll, do so!). This has included working closely with legal representatives, audit and ICT to develop a secure and streamlined process to follow to enforce toll payment.


We've then moved on to train a selection of the team to process these violations, collate evidence and address a variety of complex scenarios. This is supported by a robust quality assurance programme to ensure the Humber Bridge get these cases right first time.


This work has successfully seen the first legal referrals go through for court action. We'll closely follow and report on progress over the coming weeks/months.


March 2016

We're on WhatsApp!


We're always keen to move with the times and make oursleves as acessible as possible. Therefore we're pleased to announce that we've set up a "WhatsApp" account. You can get in touch via 078 333 62 663 and we'll respond as quickly as possible!


February 2016

We're officially one year old!!


What a fantastic first year we've had, meeting some great people from all around the country.


We've done:


~ Interim assignment delivering the UKs 1st hybrid tolling system

~ 2 void reviews
~ Strategic review of housing & repairs
~ Complaints review
~ Rent arrears review
~ Critical friend support for competitive tender
~ Sheltered housing consultancy
~ Bid support for Customer Incentive scheme
~ Webinar on Customer Incentives
~ Sector Based Work Academy best practice briefing
~ Briefing on customer incentives & nudge

~ 2 Website developments


Looking forward to another great year, thanks for your ongoing support - get in touch to be part of year 2!

078 333 62 663


February 2016

FREE mystery shopping offer - web form now live!!


We're delighted to advise that our web form is now live, enabling you to express an interest in our free mystery shopping service. You can access it here, alongside the details of how it will work.


February 2016

Customer Incentives & Nudge!!



Later this month our lead consultant, Richard Walker, will be leading a number of workshops in Birmingham, Manchaster and London with the HQN and RSM UK providing expert guidance and tips on how to set up Customer Incentive Schemes and benefit from Nudge Theory in a social housing setting.


Watch this space for details as to how they've gone and other good practice we bring back!


Please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at for details of our services and competitive rates.


February 2016

Details of our FREE mystery shopping offer!!


So here's how it'll work - later this month we'll update our website with a page dedicated to our offer of some free mystery shopping for some of our followers.


On that page will be some examples of what we can do, but we won't just be limited to that, we're open to your suggestions and requests.


There will be a form for anyone interested to complete and tell us what service you're interested in us checking for you. Once you submit the form, by the end of the month we'll check what we have, and then make decisions as to which checks we can do.


We'll let you know via this page and our various other social media outlets when the web form is live.


Please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at for details of our services and competitive rates.


February 2016

Another Voids Review Contract awarded!!


We're delighted to announce that we've commenced working for Pickering & Ferens Homes, helping them review their end to end empty homes management processes.


Pickering & Ferens Homes is the largest locally based independent Housing Association for older people operational exclusively within Hull and East Yorkshire.


We will be utilising our Voids Management Toolkit to review the end to end voids process in order to help Pickering & Ferens identify areas where they could further improve their performance, whilst maintaining an excellent approach to achieving Value for Money and superb customer satisfaction levels.


Please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at for details of our services and competitive rates.


January 2016

FREE Mystery Shopping Offer


We're coming up to our 1st anniversary in February, and what a year it has been!


We're always keen to meet new potential clients, as well as say thank you to those who have supported us during our first year. As part of this we are offering some FREE mystery shopping services to some of our social media followers.


This will be of particular interest to scrutiny and resident involvement teams, as well as performance and service improvement teams and senior managers.


All you have to do is either like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or our Linked In company page. More details will be posted on these sites in the coming weeks, as well as this website.


There's no catch, we want to allow some potential future clients to test these services for free and tell us what they think. So follow one or all of our social media profiles (you can find these on the right hand side of this article), and have the offers delivered direct to your timeline.


Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to meeting you in the coming months.


Please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at for details of our services and competitive rates.


January 2016

Happy New Year!!


We thought we'd take this opportunity of wishing all of our clients, associates and contacts a very happy new year for 2016, as well as thanking them for making our inaugural year such a fantastic and successful one.


We're nearly at the end of our first operational year, and looking back we've met some amazing people, been to some super places and seen some fantastic best practice. Thanks for being part of this. 


Moving into 2016, the UK Housing sector has some challenging times ahead, but we will be here, offering great quality services at competitive prices in order to help organisations improve their performance, drive customer service and deliver operational efficiency.


We've got a busy schedule over the next few weeks, but are available on a part time basis for interim and consultancy services each week from late February. Check out our services to see what we have to offer and watch this space for further updates on the new ventures and services we have planned for 2016. 


Please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at for details of our services and competitive rates.


January 2016

Contract Extension!!


We're delighted to announce that our contract with the Humber Bridge Board has been extended for a further 6 months. This comes on the back of a very successful 5 months to date, where we have formed part of a team of consultants and the original Humber Bridge Board staff to deliver the UK's first hybrid tolling system. The new system successfuly went live early in November and has resulted in a smooth congestion free trip over the Humber Bridge at any time of day or night.


We now move on to look at the back office systems and structures, ensuring that they are running effectively and efficiently.


We'd like to thank all of our collegues at the Humber Bridge for welcoming us, and working with us to help make the project the success it has been already. We're looking forward very much to the challenges and changes that we'll be working on in the new year.


Our Humber Bridge assignment is part time, which means we're still available to undertake housing consultancy and interim work each week. Check out our services to see what we have to offer and watch this space for further updates on the new ventures and services we have planned for 2016. 


Please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at for details of our services and competitive rates.


December 2015

Incentives & Housing


Last week we joined forces with the Housing Quality Network and RSM to deliver a free webinar to the sector on customer incentives and rewards in the housing sector. This will be followed by a series of workshops early in the new year.


If you'd like to receive a free copy of the recording of the webinar, please use our contact us form. 


Alternatively please phone us on 078 333 62 663, or email us at


December 2015

Empty Homes Week


Callidus are delighted to be supporting National Empty Homes week.


As part of this, earlier this week, we were approach by the housing webiste "24 Housing" and asked to write an article about what we've been doing to support the work done to get empty homes across the UK back into use.


We're extremely please to advise that our article has been published today and can be viewed here.


We'd love to hear from organisations who would like to discuss how we could help them by using this toolkit to reduce void numbers, turnaround times and ultimately increase organisational revenue. One of our recent clients said that we:


"....undertook a rigorous external assessment of voids processes in real depth....with the final report giving them the advantagethey were looking for..."


Either phone us on 078 333 62 663, use our contact us form, or email us at


December 2015

10% Discount offered for all Black Friday enquiries


Callidus have decided to get in on the Black Friday offers.


Make a diary note to make an enquiry to us on Black Friday and if this leads to a contract award over the next 6 months, you'll receive a 10% discount on our already competitive rates and terms.


Please take a while to browse our website to see the services on offer, which include almost all elements of Housing Management, Customer Services and Operations Consultancy, and Interim Management solutions for senior executive roles, bespoke project management and organisational transformation.


There's no obligation, so make your enquiry on Friday to safeguard a discount that you can redeem over the next six months if you need us!


Either phone us on 078 333 62 663, use our contact us form, or email us at


November 2015

We have enetered into partnership with RSM and HQN to deliver a webinar on social housing incentives and rewards schemes


For the last few months we've been developing a partnership with RSM (formerly Baker Tilly) and HQN, with a focus on understanding customer behaviour in a social housing setting. We've undertaken some research (available via the link below), the results of which may feature in an edition of Inside Housing in a few weeks. Leading on from this, we're delivering a webinar on the 2nd December 2015.


Please click on this link for details and to book (it's free!)


Dependent upon interest, we may then be offering a series of workshops early in 2016 to help housing organisations understand how to implement such schemes and the possible results.


November 2015

HumberTAG goes live and queues on the Humber Bridge are eradicated!


The project on the Humber Bridge that we've been working on for the past few months went live on 5th November 2015.


We've been part of a team of consultants helping establish the UKs first hybrid tolling system on the UKs largest single span bridge, which is also the 2nd largets in Europe and the 7th largest in the world.


We'll post some more information about the project in due course, but check out some of our photos from Go-Live via our Instagram account.....and why not follow us on Instagram as well?


November 2015

Callidus can be your "loan player" - Three reasons to use Callidus Management Consulting


Housing management goes far beyond putting a roof over someone's head, and far further than just bricks and mortar. There are a whole range of services offered by providers, and this means that individuals and organisations must have the knowledge, understanding and capacity to deliver these services effectively.


The 1% rent cut that the Government announced in the July budget has brought great pressures on organisations to cut costs, cut services and/or reduce their development programme.


There have been a number of interesting blogs comparing housing to football, moving from 11-a-side to 5-a-side. Irrespective of your view about the fairness of the cuts, and whether you like footbal or not, the fact is that they're here to stay for at least 4 years and each organisation must decide upon it's "tactics" on how to address these.


As a freelance consultancy firm, we have noticed a number of organisations deciding to close the doors to bringing in consultancy services, deciding that this is an obvious way of cutting expenditure without impacting upon the development programme or service delivery. However, similar to football, often you need to bring in the loan players to bolster capacity, resilience and experience to achieve performance levels that set you up to stabilise your business plans and future revenue. Making a decision not to bolster capacity could resign your service to the equivalent of relegation and higher costs!


A much smarter solution would be to utilise the "loan player" as and when you need it, specifically to try and ensure your business operations are running at optimum efficiency. For example, is your re-let process as lean as it should be and does it link in with the other associated services within your organisation? you may have "hidden" empty properties, that have been taken off the rent roll due to some historic Audit Commission definition that have never been put back in, or you may have competing indicators between teams, which result in counter-productive processess leading to properties staying empty for longer, reducing your rental revenue and in essance, increasing your costs.


We have a toolkit that we would adapt to your organisational approach and culture, in order to identify the areas where a leaner process would be beneficial.


We also have skills around other areas of housing maangement and associated services. So please browse our website for a while longer and see if we can help you with anything. Even if you don't see what you're looking for, drop us a line because chances are we can either help directly, or can put you in touch with someone who can.


What makes us different?


Well, firstly we provide an integrated service of interim management and consultancy. This ensures that we spend our time as housing practitioners as well as consultants, so we are acutely aware of the practical issues facing services, whereas many other consultants are professional consultants who haven't worked in a "real life" housing environment for many years.


Secondly, we're independent and have very low overheads. This means that we can offer extremely competitive rates, introductory and loyalty discounts. We know that the 1% cut is causing great pressure on housing organisations, so offering such competitive rates is one way that we can ensure we're not burdening organisations with excessive costs.


Thirdly, one size doesn't fit all. We offer personalised and bespoke services and will tailor a proposal and final report around your individual needs, rather than cut and paste it from our other clients' reports. We can then help you deliver the outcomes if you so wish. We're passionate about what we do and are sure you'll understand this when you speak to us!


So whether you are dealing with housing services, customer services or wider performance management issues, we can help you on both an individual and organisational basis.


Get in touch today for a chat and learn more about the Callidus way!


October 2015

HumberTAG - BBC Look North footage


The project we've been working on for the last couple of months goes live early in November. The BBC Look North team have recently visited us to find out what's going on.


Please click on the link to view the video report about the project.


BBC Look North video link


October 2015

New Service Offer - "Customer Service Excellence" Advisory Service


In a practitioner role, we have experienced the former "Chartermark" assessments and more recently the "Customer Service Excellence" reviews. In September our Lead Consultant, Richard Walker, successfully attended the Customer Service Excellence Assessor training. This means we now have the requiste tools to provide advice, guidance and pre-assessments in our own right, and soon hope to be undertaking the assessments in an official capacity by a UKAS approved body.


Customer Service Excellence is nationally recognised as a standard for excellence and is a practical tool to drive customer service improvement and the associated benefits of this. It helps bring professional, high level customer service concepts into day to day operations in order to build and deliver a truely customner focussed culture.


Well research concepts relating to customer insight are at the centre of the assessment process, and Callidus can help organisations of any nature (not just housing!), and any size, work towards the standard in order to help reap the benefits that this brings. This includes what is being delivered, using resources in a smarter way, right first time, customer journey mapping, reducing waste and duplication resulting in balue for money services that meet and exceed customer expectations.


In order to see how we can help you, please get in touch.


October 2015

Helping Unemployed Tenants Into Work


Callidus has teamed up with the Landlord Information Network (LIN) and produced a best practice briefing on Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA), which is exclusively available to LIN members.


The briefing provides handy hints and tips for any landlord considering setting up an academy, building upon the case study here on our website.


Many organisations would find it beneficial to set up a SBWA, as they help organisations deliver Social Value, can help reduce rent arrears, provide development opportunities for staff and help increase the capacity of any organisation at with no direct cost.


So please, if you're not already a LIN member, join up today to benefit from this and their other services. Equally, if you're interested in setting up a Sector Based Work Academy and would like a chat about them, please get in touch with us via the contact us form or phone us on 078 333 62 663 and we'd be only too happy to help.


September 2015

HumberTAG applications now live on the website


The next stage of delivery for the UK's first hybrid tolling system has now gone live. The Humber Bridge website now has the downloadable HumberTAG application form on it, enabling people to now apply to open an account and benefit from the "Smarter - Quicker" system in November when the open road tolling system goes live.


Callidus Management Consulting is working as part of a team of consultants to ensure the project is delivered smoothly and on time. We are particularly concentrating on Customer Services and Operations.


Click here to access the form.


September 2015

Soha Housing appoint Callidus to deliver Voids Management Review


We're extremely pleased to have been awarded the contract to help Soha Housing in Oxfordshire, undertake a review of their empty homes processes.


Callidus will be utilising our Voids Management Toolkit to review the end to end voids process in order to help Soha identify areas where they could further improve their performance, whilst maintaining an excellent approach to achieving Value for Money and superb customer satisfaction levels.


August 2015

All aboard the Humber Bridge!


We're extremely excited to announce that we're working with the Humber Bridge Board and a team of other consultants, delivering the UKs first ever hybrid tolling system. The "HumberTAG" will enable account holders to bypass the toll booths and use the free flow lanes in both directions, with a reduced toll fee being automatically deducted from their accounts.


Callidus will be working on the Customer Experience, process transformation and quality management system elements of this project for the next few months.


July 2015

Now live on Google+


We've updated our website to include a Google+ application as part of our social media outreach strategy. This application allows you to promote the website with a simple click. We'd love all of our visitors to share their visit via which ever social media platform they use, so please "Tweet" the page, "follow" us on Twitter, "Like" our Facebook page, "connect" with Richard on Linked In or "follow" the Callidus company page on Linked In (scroll to the bottom to access this function).


We really appreciate your support in spreading the word about the services we offer, engaging with us and recommending us.




July 2015

Briefing on Sector Based Work Acadamies


We've completed our briefing on Sector Based Work Acadamies (SBWA) within the Housing Sector. The briefing provides an overview of what a SBWA is, the stages to go through when setting one up and gives handy hints and tips for anyone thinking of setting one up themselves. it also demonstrates how housing organisations can not only make a difference in terms of social value by helping tenants into employment, but also the positive indirect impact they can have on rent arrears activity.


It is just going through the quality assurance process and is anticipated for release exclusively via one of our specialist partners in August 2015, so please watch this space, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Linked In to receive details as to when it's available and how to receive it.


July 2015

Best Practice Briefing on Tenant Scrutiny - Final call for case studies


We're nearing completion of our best practice briefing on tenant scrutiny, which will be exclusively available via the Housing Quality Network


We received some great case studies, but there's still room for more! So if you want to share your best practice and be seen by the rest of the housing sector in the UK, then please get in touch with Richard on 07833363662, or email him at


Deadline 20th July 2015.


July 2015

Partnership with the Housing Quality Network


We're delighted to announce that we're working on a number of projects and assignments as an Associate of the Housing Quality Network (HQN). The HQN offers fast practical guidance on everything to do with housing. Please click here for more information about them.


June 2015

Mystery Shopping Case Study


Our latest case study has been published on our website. It covers how we developed a tenant inspection service which fed into a tenant scrutiny function and undertook mystery shopping exercises to improve estate conditions. You can find details of this here.


June 2015

Best Practice in Tenant Scrutiny


We have been asked by the Housing Quality Network to produce a briefing on current best practice in Tenant Scrutiny within the Housing Sector. We will be using information from the Housing 24 Top 50 Landlords list, but are open to hearing about other stories from this part of the sector, in particular case studies. If you have something you'd like to share with us, please get in touch by calling Richard on 078 333 62 663, or emailing 


June 2015

Housing Futures Review


Callidus is delighted to be part of the Housing Quality Network team undertaking a Housing Futures Review for a Local Authority client in West Yorkshire.


May 2015

Customer Feedback Review


Callidus is delighted to announce that we have won some work via the Housing Quality Network, undertaking a Customer Feedback Review and Training for the Hull based Housing Association, PIckering & Ferens Homes.


May 2015

We help our first client to success!


Earlier this year Callidus undertook a piece of work for VPS, a Vacant Property Security specialist, delivering a Critical Friend and Quality Assurance role on their bid to win a 4 year framework contract via Procurement for Housing.


We are delighted to share the news that VPS is the sole supplier awarded onto the agreement.


The Voids Property Management  Services framework offers a wide range of services designed to help social landlords reduce the time in which properties stand vacant to maximise rental income and reduce the costs of problems occurring from voids.


VPS were commended for their dedication to Social Value through helping  unemployed people within the communities they work giving them life skills through work experience programmes.


Callidus' lead consultant, Richard Walker said:


"This was a great bid to work on. I could see from the start that VPS was a high quality operation whose values sat comfortably with those in the majority of the Social Housing sector. I was brought in to use my vast experience of working in Social Housing, and help focus the bid in the right areas and provide challenge where it was needed. I particularly enjoyed learning about the social value work that VPS do, and weaving this throughout the bid"


He added: "I'm delighted that they won the contract, they deserve it and it gives me a sense of pride and achievement for the part I played in it"


Richard Owen, Head of Bid Management for VPS said:


"We were really pleased with the work Richard did for us, he provided us with a valuable insight into the key priorities for Social Housing organisations which helped give us the edge. His communication with us was excellent throughout and he delivered his assignment in good time and to a high standard"


For more information about VPS, please click here.


If you would like to use Callidus to assist with bid writing, either through a critical friend role, or quality assurance, please get in touch on 078 333 62 663 or email


April 2015

Whose responsibility is it to get it "Right First Time"?


Callidus' Managing Director, Richard Walker has published an article on Linked In. This article explores the landlord and tenant relationship on "Right First Time" and challenges the industry to "think the unthinkable". Specifically it considers elements of the science around behavioural change, incentivisation, sanction, nudge theory and prospect theory. Read the article in full here.


April 2015

Are Social Landlords ready for the practical challenges of 2015/16?


Callidus' Managing Director, Richard Walker has published an article on Linked In, raising the question as to how well prepared Social Landlords are for the challenges that the Election result, continued austerity, roll out of Universal Credit and shortage of affordable homes will have on them in 2015/16. In the article he points to three basic steps that can be taken, covering voids reviews, rent arrears & financial inclusion and the emerging idea of how influencing customer behaviour can improve performance both financially and within key indicators including how people feel about their landlord. Read the article in full here.


March 2015

Brand new Rent Arrears case study


Callidus has published it's latest case study on Rent Arrears & Welfare Reform. This interesting example, demonstrates how the public sector can use private sector activities ethically, combined with a strong performance and quality assurance framework, and approach to financial inclusion in order to improve rent arrears performance. The headline figure was a £1.9M reduction in arrears over a 14 month period.


March 2015

Callidus lends support to "Homes for Britain" campaign


Callidus has joined the growing call for action from all Political parties to end the housing crisis within a generation ahead of the General Election in May.


March 2015

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